All of Man Artist Portal

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with All of Man.

Why All of Man
We sell a specific type of art to a specific audience that may otherwise be difficult to reach through conventional methods. Like a traditional gallery, we do the marketing, the website maintenance, and the promotion, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best: making art.

How It Works
All of Man lists your artwork for sale on our website, at no charge, as a kind of virtual consignment arrangement, and when it is purchased you get notified and ship the art to the buyer. After taxes and shipping are deducted from the sale price, All of Man retains a modest commission (30% for most items – see the Artist Agreement for details), and you keep the remainder of the proceeds. 

To get started, complete the first two steps now and we'll help with the next two steps.

Step 1
15 minutes
Download and review the Artist Agreement PDF. This is your go-to document, which details All of Man policies, commissions, and much more.

Step 2
5 minutes
Complete an online Artist Signup form.

Step 3
Optional, 5 minutes
Schedule a 30 minute phone or video call when requested (if this step has not already been completed). We like to get acquainted with all our artists, to serve them better. We'll discuss your work, long-term goals, pricing strategies, marketing, the Artist Agreement, and anything else that comes up.

Step 4
60 minutes
Upload your work, using the Artwork Submission form and we'll send further information about what's needed for us to create your personalized artist page. 


Who ships my art to customers? 
You retain physical possession of all your work. When an item sells, we will send you all the details needed for shipping the art to the buyer.

How do I get paid? 
Artist Earnings are calculated monthly and sent electronically to your PayPal account.

May I sell my art at fairs, shows, studio visits, and other venues? 
Yes, any in-person art sales are permitted, provided you notify All of Man immediately after a unique piece sells, so we don't inadvertently break any buyer's hearts.

May I sell the individual pieces, listed on All of Man, through my own website or other online galleries and retailers?
No, we require online exclusivity on those particular pieces, for the sake of keeping prices fair for artists and buyers alike. You are welcome, of course, to offer the remainder of your artwork on other sites.

Do open edition reproductions of individual pieces, listed on All of Man, need to be exclusive works?
No, you can sell reproductions or prints of those individual pieces with other online retailers and on your own website, provided they are not limited editions and that the price they are sold at is equal to or greater than the price listed on All of Man. If an individual work is not listed with All of Man in any way, no restrictions apply.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, can I sell my art through virtual art fairs? 
Yes, this is the one exception to All of Man's online exclusivity policy, provided the art fair will be online for a limited amount of time.

Am I required to offer prints or digital wallpapers for sale? 
No, you can limit your sales to only the pieces you wish to make available to buyers. Artists always retain control of their creations.

Does All of Man list erotic or sexually explicit works? 
Yes, as long as they have artistic merit and are not simply pornographic. We are very open-minded about the distinction between the two, so it's best to submit something you are unsure about, rather than keep it to yourself.

Why make refunds available to buyers?
In our effort to reach a wider audience than would traditionally purchase art, it is helpful to assuage the trepidations new art buyers might have, by making the commitment of buying an expensive piece less intimidating. Knowing that they have a remedy available if they have second thoughts makes it easier for them to complete their purchase. In practice, though, people are almost always delighted with their acquisition and rarely take advantage of the return policy.

What's up with this odd [fill in the blank]?
You might find that some of our business processes are still a little rough around the edges, but that's because we're a small and young operation, building our tools as we go. We have a passion for gathering together top artistic talent and hope those artists will be willing to flex along with us as All of Man grows and evolves. We're all learning and getting better every week – it's an exciting time to get involved! Don't hesitate to let us know if something seems out of place.

Can my art be pre-framed?
Yes, artwork can be listed as unframed, framed, or with an optional choice of up to three frame or mat styles.

Do you offer framing services or custom framing to buyers?
No, not at this time.

I love that you're inclusive of gender expressions and trans folks, but don't you think it's too much to have a penis in your logo?
We don't know what you're talking about – that's just the letter A.

Who sets the pricing?
Pricing is a collaborative process between the artist and All of Man. At the time you upload your artwork for sale, we will ask what your suggested price is and what your shipping cost will be. We add those two figures together, along with a little extra to allow for transaction fees and the occasional promotional discount. Once we arrive at a figure, if it appears too high or low for what the market will bear, we may make further adjustments, with your approval.

Why offer free shipping?
We want to make the process of selecting and purchasing art as painless as possible for our buyers. We've all had that yucky feeling when shopping online, when you've found the perfect thing, but during checkout, the price suddenly jumps up by 20% or more because of shipping. Fine art can already be enough of an investment and we close more sales by avoiding double sticker shock. So, All of Man utilizes a delivered pricing model, where buyers within the domestic United States have a no-surprise checkout experience. A small, but palatable shipping surcharge is added for buyers outside the 48 states.

Who pays for shipping?
We all know that free shipping isn't really free, right? Before we calculate your commission, we remove the shipping costs, sales taxes, promotional discounts, and transaction fees from the gross sale price, so those are all actually 100% paid for by the buyer. When we send your artist earnings, we include both the commission and the shipping costs, so you get the exact amount that you specified you need for shipping, 
when you originally listed the artwork.

Why do you say buyers and not collectors?
We believe that the word collector implies a certain type of art buying that most people don't identify with and that some can actually be turned off by. Because All of Man reaches a broader audience than just art collectors and is actively seeking to engage casual appreciators in the art market, we have chosen to make some of our lingo less intimidating.

Do you have a phone number?
Yes, but we are weird about putting it online, so send us an email if you want to talk on the phone. We promise we'll tell you the number.