All of Man connects fine artists with viewers who appreciate the male or male-identified form in all its beauties, varieties, and vulnerabilities. By fostering an appreciation of the male nude, making it fun and accessible for everyone, and by advancing the careers of artists who make it their subject, we provide a space where gay-themed art and the male nude can proudly be part of our daily lives, with as many interpretations and adorations of masculinity as there are men themselves.


What are Limited Editions? 
Limited editions are typically reproductions of an original work of art that are hand-numbered or otherwise customized by the artist, personally. They are issued in a limited quantity that, once sold out, is sold out forever. Limited editions may be offered in the more than one size, to fit various budgets and objectives.

What are Open Editions? 
Open editions are reproductions of an original artwork that are not limited in quantity and which may be re-introduced when sold out.

What are Digital Wallpapers? 
These packs of JPGs, in a variety of sizes, are digital reproductions of artwork that may be used on computers, tablets, phones, and other electronic devices as wallpapers, lock screens, or desktop pictures.

What's the difference between "printmaking" artwork and "prints"? 
Similar to how painting or sculpture involves different methods that utilize different materials, printmaking is its own discipline for creating art, using a combination of manual artistry and mechanical methods to create imagery. The output of printmaking is considered original art, even though the artist may make multiple instances of the artwork, because it is created directly by the artist and each instance is one of a kind. Even though the names are similar, this stands in stark contrast to prints, which, today, are digitally printed reproductions of existing works, using materials that are not the same as the original artwork and often produced by someone other than the original artist.

I am an artist. How do I submit my work to All of Man for consideration?
It's easy, just send us a message. We're always interested in learning about new art and artists.